Monday, March 30, 2009

It's amazing what a click of the mouse can do...a month or so ago, with the click of my mouse I committed to volunteering for the emerging Center for Obesity Prevention and Education program at Cal Poly and today, with a click of my mouse, I committed to a trip to Europe.
My high school friend lives across the street from Buckingham Palace and they'll be moving back to the states later this year, so my window of opportunity to stay with her is drawing to a close. So, May it is for just about two weeks!!! Since I've been to London a couple of time, she tells me she'll show me places tourists don't know about...can't wait!!!
A side trip to Paris or out into the countryside might be in order - we'll see how Jolly Ol' England suits me.
Hopefully we can find a craft fair or two while I'm there. The times I have been to London, there were very few craft supplies in the stores so it will be interesting to see how things have changed.
Thanks KPH for offering to be my hotel and tour guide. It isn't pizza on a Friday night at the local pizza parlor after a high school football game...
Happy trails,

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Enjoy your travels and be safe!