Monday, March 02, 2009

Flowers and Friends

Flowers from Central Coast Flowers & Design
My salad bowl from Ron's Nursery
Delightful Saturday

A friend and I had been planning Saturday for quite some time. Try and get three busy ladies together - it's tough! The day finally arrived and it was fun celebrating a monumental birthday for my friends sister.

They came over from Fresno (about a 3 hour drive) and we hit my favorite nursery - Ron's Nursery in Grover Beach, we had lunch with one of their friends (now a friend of mine!). She just opened a florist shop in Pismo Beach - it's called Central Coast Flowers & Design - it's the cutest shop. It's been in business for 60+ years and we met the original owner who still lives behind the shop. Elisabeth is adding all kinds of beautiful creative things - her husband makes amazing tables and chairs from metal and many other things - he recently won a contest for making a chair out of a wine cork and the wire around the cork - it had to be less than 4". It was truly amazing!!! They've only been open for 2 months, so I can't wait to see where they take the shop.

Friday was a 2-1/2 hour long meeting at the Center for Obesity Prevention and Education. We're laying the framework for the big symposium in October - I am so amazed at the talent, enthusiasm and ideas the team has come up with.

I was super busy last week working on a new shrink plastic book. I'm trying something new - I'm doing it in an e-book format so it's download right then and there. More details later this week when I have it posted. I'm up to 60 pages so far!!!

My week is already shaping up to be super busy! Tonight is Chick Flicks and dinner - we're seeing New in Town. I'm planning my Gourmet Dinner Group menu and creative activities, I have to have some papers notarized (mental list - find notary today!), it's also newsletter week for my newcomers club, board meeting, exercise classes, a hair cut, my moms birthday, a shrink plastic video on YouTube and my nephew's birthday party in Hanford.

Meanwhile, I'm nursing a pinched nerve. It started last weekend and I truly thought I had a kidney infection, but after being in pain all week, I saw the doctor and she diagnosed me. Ibuprofen doesn't help the pain, but she told me to use ice. It doesn't seem any better and it is aggravated by sitting and guess who's been sitting way too much at the computer lately. Hmmm...maybe it's time to get out and move a little more. Must finish book...

Looks like I'd better get busy!

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