Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Celebrate Spring!

Let the Party Prep Begin!!!

I have been anticipating a party / dinner I'm hosting for months! We're a cooking group and the person hosting the dinner does EVERYTHING from drinks to dessert. The group is an offshoot of the newcomers club I joined when I moved to Morro Bay last August - I have met the most awesome and friendly people!
It is my month to host a dinner party and since my house is so tiny a friend very generously offered her home. The party is Friday night and I'm going to share creativity with my non-crafting friends. They don't know it yet - they think they're coming to a nice, quiet dinner.
Last month, someone mentioned we should have a cookbook to hold all of the recipes, so, being the crafter I am - we're scrapbooking a cookbook - I've done a bit of the prep work and kept the design super easy! I was inspired by my friend Pattie's new book, Cookbooking that you can find on
I have lots of other ideas to share over the next couple of days - a butterfly mobile that will hang from the chandelier over the table, vegie and fruit topiaries, beaded spreaders (another creative projects we'll be making) and some of my recipes.
It's time to celebrate Spring!


Candyland said...

Wow, sounds like a blast! Can't wait to see how it turns out. You are the party girl, so they'll have a blast!

Joan said...

Hey Candyland,

You know me, the party girl - I've been planning this one for six months. Champagne bar, tons of food and little extras.

I think of you when I walk on the beach - I just might stop by someday with a sand dollar for you!

Take care,