Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I NEVER know where I'll find creative things...
I was surprised to walk into an office on the Cal Poly campus last week and there was a clock made from a flipper - amazing! I had to laugh.
Another creativity sighting - I walk the beach a lot and was surprised to see a bit of the sand dunes fenced off. The fence is to protect the Snowy Plover I found out. Along the fence were many posters drawn by local children showing their support for the endangered bird.
The kitchen photo is just a pretty kitchen - another surprising place though - it was at a garden center.
I am busily preparing for a dinner party on Friday - my camera is in the shop, but I thankfully found out today that it's a $20 fix instead of the $250 send it off to the manufacturer's fix they thought it would be. I have some exciting food and craft products I'll be sharing - the attendees to the party are not crafters and they do not know they will be crafting. It will definitely be interesting.
Anticipate warmer days!

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