Friday, September 16, 2011

Avila Valley Barn & See Canyon

I love Avila Valley Barn and See Canyon near San Luis Obispo, CA.  These two amazing places are right off of Highway 101 and worth the stop.

The zinnias at Avila Valley Barn were absolutely incredible!!!  You just might see some of the photos in an upcoming project I'm working on.

The displays are amazing!  I've done some of my holiday shopping here in recent years!  The jars are back lit with Christmas tree lights.
 APPLES!!!  Gopher Glen, a local apply farm, grows 62 different varieties and has the BEST apple cider!!!  Some in my frig chillin' as I type this!
 Such beauties!
 The fragrance was yummy!
 Grapes at Kelsey Winery at See Canyon.
Tons of peacocks roam the grounds at Kelsey Winery.
Apples, apples, EVERYWHERE there were apples!!!

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Anonymous said...

All those butternut squash made me think of this recipe:

I didn't use any of the fancy ingredients, and it turned out just fantastic! Great for a fall lunch with cheese sandwiches.