Monday, September 05, 2011

Casting Photos in Resin

I remember as a kid going to the Standard Brands store in Fresno with my family.  Seems like we were always there buying paint for a rental or needing something to repair things around the farm.  Anyone else remember those stores?  They had paint and lumber but what I remember most about the store was the resin casting supplies.  Every time we'd go, I'd spend my time in that aisle looking at what they'd cast in the resin.  I never did purchase any of the supplies as a kid but fast forward to 2011 and I've been researching ways to embed my photos in resin.  Today's the day to experiment.  I'm trying with printouts from my printer and photos I had printed at Costco.  I coated them with Aleene's Instant Decoupage and let them dry.  I have to work this morning but will be a mad resin scientist this afternoon (we're chilly here today so it'll be better this afternoon when the resin is 'warmer').

Back at ya with photos tonight!  Can't wait.  But, darn, I have to work this morning...

The Mad Resin Scientist,

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