Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Front Yard Renovation

 I live on a hill and parking (even walking) is a challenge.  So here are some before and below are after photos.  I think it took us three LONG weekends and I still am waiting for an orange tree to go outside the bottom window then I'll add some Portulaca's (something we had planted in front of our house when I was a kid).  Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the yard had not been loved for 32 years!!!
Nasturtiums were EVERYWHERE and I'm battling them even with tons of mulch in the new flower beds.
 Looking down from the second story.
In process - I think we had 5 'yards' of fill dirt / sand brought in.
Stepping stones and retaining wall blocks await their new home.
Here's my bro.  He manned the Wacker Packer that took all the dirt and compressed it to make a new parking area.
 We moved a TON of dirt - one shovel full at a time!
 Making headway...

The project transformed as we went along - the 'steps' here were never part of the original plan but neither was putting the parking area where it's at. was fun picking out plants (with the help of my sister) to finish off the project.

 My new path lets me bring my trash out to the street with ease - we have clay, sticky, yucky soil so it was always a challenge when it rains.
The hole is ready for my orange tree - it's supposed to be in next week.  I need to work on the steps to the faucet before I plant Portulaca's.
 Done...well, almost.
 My front door ushers in fabulous fall!
View from the second story.

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