Saturday, September 24, 2011

Garden Ideas

Garden Before (and after) Photos

This is looking down from the deck off my kitchen.
There should have been a before, before picture - in the spring my nephew weedeated (is that a word?) my backyard - it was covered with weeds - all that rain last winter sure brought them on!

 The garden is still in process, but I love the six-pack of tomatoes I got at Home Depot - each plant was a different kind of tomato.
 Green beans - I had a big serving from them this week.
 Can't wait for the sugar snap peas to come on!
The mailbox will be transformed soon - no details quite yet, it's going to be a Christmas present...
There was part of my dinner.

More pictures soon of my other garden projects including transforming a birdbath into a succulent garden, the mailbox and I have a child's headboard and two sets of folding doors hanging out back there waiting for some lovin'.

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