Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hat Winners!

Creativity was EVERYWHERE at my club's hat contest!!!

Patty won Most Beautiful - wish you could see the details and smell the wonderful sweetpeas - can you guess her favorite color???
 Shary is our president so she declined to be included in the voting - you can't see from this picture but that's not her hair, it's feathers!
 Jo was ready for Halloween - I can't wait for our Holiday Home Tour - she's generously accepted to be one of the homes we get to tour!  I hear she puts up 14 Christmas trees!  Check back in early December and I'll post some pictures of the homes we visit.
 Raggedy Ann and Andy topped off this winner!
 Always have to include a butterfly or two...
The details of Cathy's hat were amazing!  I hear a friend brought over kitchen utensils to help decorate her 'strainer' hat!  Love the apron too!
This was the backdrop for our meeting...lucky aren't we?  A bit overcast, but we'll take it!

 The bar was intriguing to me. 
 The footrest was welded together chainlinks.

 More hats!
 Anna matched her hat to her blouse.
If you live on the Central Coast (or have visited) can you identify what her hat represents?  BTW - it's something HUGE!
 Here's my amazing artistic friend.  She does wonderful watercolors so she placed some paintbrushes in the ribbon of her hat - that's a picture of otters too - that's her next 'conquest'.  Last month it was a pig before that she dedicated her talents to agricultural art.

 Not the best picture of me, but I won Most case you haven't seen the previous posts, each element on my hat was a photo I had taken, printed off, 'dimensionalized' and attached to a hat.

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Nonsense; you look wonderful! :-)