Thursday, November 29, 2007


I was just out shopping and ran across some adorable decorated socks for $7.99 EACH!!! It reminded me of these socks I made a few holidays back and I thought I'd share them with you.

What you need to make them
Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint, desired colors
Aleene's® Fabric Fusion™
Fabric, Christmas print
Giftwrap tube or jar
Cosmetic sponge
Waxed paper

Here's How to Make Them
1. Prewash fabric and socks using no fabric softener. Dry.
2. Loosely cut out desired designs from fabric. Place fabric, wrong side up, on waxed paper.
3. Pour a small amount of Fabric Fusion on plate. Dab sponge into glue and dab on back of fabric. This will keep the fabric from fraying. Let dry.
4. Cut closely around design.
5. Dab a generous amount of Fabric Fusion on back of fabric. Smooth on sock. Repeat until desired look is achieved.
6. Place socks on jar or giftwrap tube. Make dots or outline fabric with 3D Fashion Paint. Let dry. Socks may be washed after 72 hours. Turn inside out, machine wash gentle, line dry.

I've been feeling under the weather the last few days and just got some antibiotics tonight, so I'll have to share my tips with you another time.

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Anonymous said...

I found socks at the 99 cent store and bought some for everyone in my office.

I used your idea and used some scrap fabric I had and some buttons and I wasn't out a whole lotta money. Our office party is next Friday. I can't wait to see their expressions.

Thaks for the inspiration.