Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving on the Farm

What an awesome few days! My five-year-old nephew, Brandon, drew the turkey picture that is proudly adorning my brother and sister-in-law's frig. I love his 'outside of the box thinking' when it came to coloring the feathers on the turkey. You go Brandon!

We had ten sitting at the dinner table this Thanksgiving. The food was extra yummy and the weather fantastic! Just before sunset, my brother and I surprised (OK, I learned my brother CAN'T keep a secret!) our family with a hayride and then festivities in the 80+ year old barn. My parents have lived on the farm for over 50 years, so it was a special treat for them (and us kids too). The hayride got a little chilly (tip for next time - serve hot chocolate on the hayride). We had tin can luminaries leading to the barn where our desserts and hot drinks awaited us (and the napkins, cups and plates I stamped). We sat on haybales, looked at the construction of the barn (my bro had just finished the peak of the roof the weekend before) and enjoyed stories. Come to find out, my brother used to go out to the barn when he wasn't feeling well so it's a place of comfort to him. My sister and I remember pulling back the wood sliding door (it seemed awfully huge and heavy when we were young) to get out the tractor when we did our chores. My brother was already suggesting ways to make the barn festivities even better next time.

I almost forgot, my mom and I both love leaves and we found some neat 'cookie' cutters at Williams Sonoma a couple weeks ago. She actually made cracker dough, cut them out with the cutters and also cut out cheese to put on some regular crackers. Of course, I keep thinking of crafty things to do with the cutters.

I worked a little bit on a ceramic project I've been working on over the months. Pictures of that next time.

I have some EXCITING holiday projects coming up that I'll show you how to make - keep checking back!

Enjoy the holiday!
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Pattie Donham said...

Wow, Joan! Your Thanksgiving sound wonderful. I simply love the idea of the festivities in the barn, and the cute leaf crafts, and crackers, and your fabulous family.