Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Celebrate Thanksgiving
with plates and napkins you've stamped yourself!
Easy, Easy, Easy Thanksgiving Tableware
You can zap an entire tablesetting in just a few minutes - it's inexpensive too!
What you need
How to do it!
1. Squeeze out a small amount of fabric paint on a plate.
2. Dab cosmetic sponge into paint. Dab paint on stamp.
3. Press stamp on napkin or plate.
Taaaadaaaaa! You're done!
Make it Yours Tip - This idea can be for any occasion - Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day - and don't forget - every day is special - CELEBRATE!


Anonymous said...

Nice leaf picture! Very colorful and "fall"

Joan said...

Thanks so much! The photo was taken at my parent's farm by the old barn.

I just got invited to participate in an upcoming art show - I need to look at this year's photos to see what I want to submit for consideration.