Thursday, November 01, 2007


Retro is back!!! My mom and I went Christmas shopping this weekend and I was amazed to see fabric stiffened bowls in the stores! I made them a zillion years ago and they're here again.

Are you ready to hear how easy these are to create?

Fabric Stiffened
Doily Bowl

Materials needed
Aleene's® Fabric Stiffener and Draping Liquid
Tulip® Soft Fabric Paint™, Chocolate
Doily (found them at my dollar store!)
Zip top plastic bag
Bowl or something to form doily over
Plastic wrap

How to make it
1. Smooth plastic wrap over bowl.
2. Place doily in zip top plastic bag. Add a little Fabric Stiffener and a small amount of Soft Paint. Close plastic bag. Squish the doily around to saturate with Fabric Stiffener and paint. Add more Fabric Stiffener and paint as needed to cover.
3. Remove doily from bag and smooth over bowl. Remove excess Fabric Stiffener by dabbing it with a paper towel. Crumple plastic wrap and place in areas where you want dimension like along an edge so it's wavy.
4. Let dry. Remove from bowl. Decorate as desired.

Fill your fabric stiffened bowl with silk flowers, candy - whatever for the season. This makes an awesome thank you or hostess gift for Thanksgiving! This technique also works with fabric, napkins, handkerchiefs, etc.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,

I used to faithfully watch Aleene's Creative Living tv show and I miss it and everyone on it.

I love your crochet stiffened basket and remember way back when we stiffened everything.

keep up the crafting,

Joan said...


I too miss the show. In fact, I was watching some of the old episodes just today because I'm working on getting them on my blog. I'm not a technical person, so it's taking me a bit to get it all together, but I'll keep you up on how it's going.

I showed Cheryl Ball one of her segments - it was a hoot to see us 10+ years ago.


Pattie Donham said...

My goodness, you just gave me memory whiplash! LOL I can't remember the last time I made something with stiffener, but now you've got me going through my stash looking for it. Thanks for the inpsiration, my always get me going!
Oh, and give Cheryl a big huggie wuggie for me...

Joan said...

Hey Miss Pattie,

I have the fabric stiffened bowl on my desk and Maria, our ceramic expert here at work, saw it and said her mom used to make all kinds of them!

I am so fortunate to have Cheryl Ball as a co-worker and friend - I LOVE to walk passed her creative area and see what she's working on...I am in awe of her and all the talented designers that share their talents with us.

Keep on, keepin' on Darlin'!!!