Thursday, November 08, 2007


I'm widdling down my holiday gift list - here's one for the wine (or vinegar) lover!

Here's What You Need
Aleene's® Platinum Bond™ 7800 All-Purpose Industrial Strength Adhesive
Tulip® Glam-It-Up!™ Iron-On Crystals™
Wine Stopper - I bought mine at Target - $2.99
Craft stick
Here's How to Make It
1. Apply adhesive in a small area of stopper, using craft stick - the glue dries quick.
2. Pick up a Crystal with crayon - it will hold the Crystal until you place it in the glue.
3. Continue gluing Crystals on stopper until filled in.
You're done! Quick, easy, looks amazing and INEXPENSIVE!!!

Keep stopping by - I have many, many more craft projects to share with you!


Anonymous said...

This is the perfect present. What a lucky person to receive it.

Pattie Donham said...

I totallly LOVE this idea! And the crayon trick is fabulous, dahling. You amaze me, as usual.

Jenny said...

Hi Joan. This is a great idea! I will have to use this for a gift sometime.

When are you coming to DC to visit Steven and me?

Joan said...

Hey Jenny,

Great to hear from you Jenny (Jenny's married to my nephew, Steven, who is in the Air Force in Washington, DC). I can't wait to see you guys and visit your new home.

Since you guys can't make it for Thanksgiving, I'll post some pictures on my blog next weekend so you can see what exciting things we did. Wish you could be here.


Fashion Girl said...

I'm a major fan of this idea...I actually think I might have time for this one!!!! Thanks for offering the suggestion!

Ceramic Diva said...

Joan...this is fabulous! I know a few Bling Queens that will totally appreciate this...just like their wine!

Thanks for the idea!

Ceramic Diva

Joan said...

Hi Ceramic Diva,

The Tulip Crystals would look awesome on your ceramic projects too! They can be ironed on or attached with glue.