Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jolly Snowman Apron - We're counting down to Christmas with a craft a day and today's project is this cute snowman apron that you can create with a wink of the eye. The apron makes a great hostess gift, a gift for the new bride and don't forget a gift for yourself!

Here's what you need
Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint™
Shiny® Black
Shiny® Orange
Shiny® Brown
Crystals® Icicle
Fabric: white, print for scarf, black for hat
Apron, red
3 (1/2") black buttons
Chalk pencil
Cosmetic sponge
Straight pins

Here's how to do it!
1. Prewash fabrics and apron to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener in washer or dryer.
2. Enlarge patterns to desired size and print off - patterns are below. My snowman is about 8" tall. Cut out patterns.
3. Pin body pattern on white fabric, scarf pattern on print fabric and hat pattern on black fabric. Trace with chalk pencil. Cut out.
4. Squeeze some Fabric Fusion on paper plate. Dab cosmetic sponge in glue and dab on back of snowman fabric. Place snowman on apron. Repeat with scarf and hat.
5. Paint dots for eyes, using Black 3D Paint. Place a dot of paint where buttons will be placed on body. Gently tap buttons into paint. Paint smile and a 1/4" diameter circle at top of hat with Black.
6. For carrot, paint a long, thin triangle, using Orange. Paint sticks for arms, using Brown.
7. Paint dots for snow and squiggly line under snowman, using Crystals Icicle. Let dry.
8. Can be washed after 72 hours on gentle cycle and line dry.

Make it Yours Tip - Use non-holiday or preprinted fabric that already has a large design on it and just cut out and glue on.

Wrapping Tip - Buy an inexpensive mixing bowl, place the apron and some spices in the bowl, wrap it with cellophane, tie a bow with fabric used from the project and you're done!

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Anonymous said...

I've searched high and low on the internet to find an apron to give to my sister. This is perfect. I'm going to personalize it with my sister's name on it.