Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catching Up - Eggie Saturday


We had 50+ mile an hour winds all day yesterday and this morning, I wake up to frost - at the ocean, no less. And, this weekend we're supposed to be almost 80 degrees. I'm thankful for the warm weather this weekend. A dear friend, I haven't seen in almost 10 years, is coming for the weekend! I worked with her at Aleene's - she was (still is) a fabulous graphic designer. If you were an Aleene's fan, you probably didn't know her name, but you definitely saw her handy work in the magazines, books, ads and other creative projects that came from the Art Department. I'm seeing some hiking, maybe a stop at The Cotton Ball (we went to a few quilt meetings together) and DEFINITELY a walk on the beach. She's also a terrific gardener, so I might have to twist her arm to help me get a vision for my backyard.

It's time to catch up! Eggie Saturday!!! Oh, my, gosh! What a great day!!!! Five of us (three were relatives of the host) loaded up our goodies and traveled the hour over to Wine Country near Paso Robles. The family ranch was hundreds of acres of beautiful rolling hills, with views for miles. Most of the day, I gravitated out to the deck looking out over the hills. The family members were so very friendly, giving (I even got a shoulder massage) and fun. There were friends of family members there (me included) and I even sang a James Taylor song with one of the friends after we'd had a discussion about James Taylor being on Oprah and then the conversation went on to the topics of Oprah's show that day (if you saw it, you're probably shaking your head!). There were dog fights, city kids seeing cows up-close for the first time - so precious to watch! Egg hunts, tons of food and warm hugs and invites to come to the 4th of July party. I am officially an honorary member of the family.

My friend brought the 40+ year old picture I gave her of her grandparents house and the house I'm living in now - that's all of the houses that were on the hill AT THAT POINT! Now, we're squished in, but I told the story time after time of how back in the 60's I would take a garden hose from our house over to their grandparent's house to get our water supply while we visited. Small, small, VERY small World!!! AND, that World got even smaller when I was talking to one of the cousins who lives in Lompoc where I did for 20 years - all of a sudden we starting listing off people and we both were good friends with them - so we must have crossed paths in Lompoc somewhere.

Easter Sunday was a nice relaxed day - I had picked up a Marie Callendar's Feast and all we had to do was heat everything up. We celebrated my sister's birthday too.

Oh, and last week my family had a 'cloth napkin' dinner with my cousin. He was down visiting his brother who was in the hospital and he doesn't get away from his mountain home very often, so he requested a 'cloth napkin' dinner. My sister and I asked around and a couple of people had mentioned Korbel at Blue, so reservations, I made. Blue was in an 1800's beautiful brick building and yes, indeed, there were cloth napkins. We all got something different and there was sampling going around - duck, oysters, pasta and then dessert - Chocolate Mousse, Grilled Pineapple with vanilla bean ice cream (to die for, yummy!) and more! We waddled out of there and were thankful for my cousin's generosity and the time to spend with him and his partner.

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