Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Eggie Saturday!!!
I have no idea what that means, but I will later today! A friend invited me to a family get together they've done for years. It's basically a family reunion the Saturday before Easter - then, they have Enchilada Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving and no, they don't use turkey in their enchiladas...The festivities will be on a large ranch outside of Paso Robles and I hear we're having a huge bbq.
I am taking a dessert - at first, I thought I'd take some kind of strawberries, but I'm a bit burnt out on strawberries for the moment after using them three times recently for desserts. So, I decided this morning, to make cupcakes like I did when I was a kid - with green food colored grass and jelly beans on top. Then, I thought I should have done my shrink plastic Hoppy Easter projects - I know it's last minute, but check your recycling bin for #6 plastic and if you have some colored pencils or pens you can make these adorable bunnies in no time - add them to cupcakes or learn how to make them and the cakes in pots at
Happy Eggie Saturday!

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