Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Day to be a Kid Again!!!
It was our monthly Newcomer luncheon at a restaurant that I'd heard a lot about. The ambiance was wonderful - the huge mural graced the walls of the banquet room and I HAD to keep telling people to go to the bathroom - it was so beautiful!!! Our guest speaker was from the San Luis Obispo Children's Museum and we were treated to a tour of the museum after lunch. The 15 foot tall sunflower outside has a solar panel where the seeds would be on a real sunflower and you have to turn a giant wheel at the bottom to get the sunflower to face directly into the sun to make a fountain out of two watering cans. Very cool! I know there were a lot of ladies who wanted to hop on the police motorcycle and put on the fireperson outfit and jump in the driver's seat of the firetruck - a couple of my friends blew the whistle on the train...ahhhh, to be a kid again! Lots of fun things to play with at the museum!
Then, it was off to my local discount store to get supplies for my next kids' book - more details on that in the future!!! It's a huge endeavor, but will be so much fun and rewarding. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Create like when you were a kid! Go ahead and toot the whistle on the train!

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