Monday, April 20, 2009

Friends, Healthy Eating (well, mostly), Beautiful Weather

My Weekend
Morro Rock

This is a building along the freeway in Morro Bay - I love the Art Deco look.
My long anticipated weekend with a former co-worker at Aleene's was wonderful. The weather was great, the sunset was spectacular, our walk on the beach was invigorating and the company inspiring. Erin used to bounce ideas off of me 'back-in-the-day' and this weekend there was great creative energy as she told me about her latest idea. We talked a lot about it and by the end of the weekend she said her concept had totally changed. Thanks Erin for sharing your weekend with me. I can't wait to see how your idea comes out - and I accept your challenge to a duel!!!!!!!!!!!
Frances and me on my patio...

After Erin's far too short of a stay, my friend Frances and her husband Rudy stopped by - they hadn't been to my new place, so I was terribly excited for them to come for a visit. The weather has been very warm, so we sat outside and enjoyed each others company. This weekend the creative ideas were overflowing at my place - after Erin and me sharing our ideas on Saturday and then Frances and Rudy with theirs on Sunday - AMAZING!!!! I am so honored to have such creative souls as my friends...
After all of the creative talk this weekend, this morning, I got up and organized my supplies and got working on my next kids' book - I really want to share with you all about it, but I can't right now, but it's going to be soooo good! The things I do for creativity...can you tell what I'm making from the picture???
It's so very hot today - 99 degrees on the beach around noon today. I had no idea it got this hot at the beach. I'll have to remember this when summer comes and I can't see the house across the street because of the fog.
Enjoy the day!

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