Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend and My Birthday Weekend usually fall at the same time and when my mom suggested I come 'home' for my birthday I 'requested' three things that I wanted to do.  Remember, this was my first big trip out since I broke my ankle two months ago (tomorrow).   This weekend would be filled with 'tests'...first, a two-hour car ride, then on to my 'requests'.  We had lunch at Ethel Red's (a new restaurant in my hometown of Lemoore - I have it reserved for a class reunion next month and wanted to try out the food) - yummy hamburger, then it was on to visit Hobby Lobby!!!  - another test of walking around the store...did pretty good.  Next was Superior Dairy in Hanford - I broke away from my usual chocolate chip milkshake with a banana chopped up in it.  This time I chose a banana split - yummers...An added adventure we kept for today - my poor ankle needed a rest was to go to the Armona cemetery.  It is such a beautiful sight with hundreds of American flags blowing in the breeze.  It was the oddest weather - I had to wear a jacket in May...weird!!!  Both sides of my family go back generations in the area so we also went to the cemetery in Hanford and Lemoore.  I took lots of pictures of where to find the family plots. 


Check out the cute butterfly cake my sister, Nancy, made for me!!!  The frosting was almond and vanilla flavor with coconut sprinkled over it!  I'm spoiled!

This is a view from my parent's yard (where I grew up) toward the Coast Range Mountains.  Wehad rain last night - surprise!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial Day

As we observe this Memorial Day, please remember our soldiers who were lost to their families and friends for our freedom.  To those who have lost someone near and dear to their hearts, my heart goes out to you as you remember their smiles and their love. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pink, Pink and More Pink

What do you think about pink?  I keep seeing it everywhere and I'm hearing that it is the latest hot color. It was time for a little blog spruce-up, so pink is it!


Web Design Class

I started an on-line web design class this week and I'm pretty excited.  I remember taking an HTML class many, many years ago and it didn't gel, as a matter of fact it didn't do anything for me except upset me.  So, I was quite surprised a few months back when I decided to take a web design class at the local university after having a couple of clients (yup, I'm a freelance writer) ask if I knew a web designer.  I thought for a couple of hundred bucks and a couple of Saturdays I would see if it was something I wanted to pursue.  I was quite surprised when it actually made sense this time.  That spurred me on to take this on-line six week class.  I'm through the first five chapters and missed one on my quiz so we'll see how it evolves. 

So, even if something, be it a craft or something technical, didn't work out for you the first time, give it another chance.  Who knows where it might lead... 

Craftingly and webingly yours,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And the boot stands alone...

It's been six weeks and I FINALLY got the go ahead from my ortho specialist to take off the boot that's been my constant companion 24/7 for those six weeks. I still can't make myself go down the stairs in my home where I fell but one day soon I will! It's amazing how one mis-step can totally change your life. I know my daily life has changed when my printer is flashing this message at me - "the ink is nearing its expiration date" - I've NEVER seen that message before (and probably never will again) - I think I'll print something...

So, now I'm limping around without the help of my crutches and feel every muscle in my leg that hasn't been used in six weeks.

and, no more crutches!!! I just received the bill for those (after insurance $87)...a friend suggested I put them up on Craigslist and try to sell them. I'm seeing them out in my garden as a plant support AND that darned boot is going to be planted with, I think, strawberries and go out on my deck...

Here's to a speedy recovery - thanks for all the well wishes.