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Secret Project

Shopping List Update - plastic black washer project - done but I can't share because my friends read my blog and they will be attending the 2nd Chance Prom that they're'll just have to wait until next month.  But, that only leaves the concrete!!!  Getting there!

Shopping List Update

Already Used

Copper wire - Butterfly Mobile
Sugar - forgot to post pictures - see below - BTW, I didn't use hardly any sugar.  See how to make sugar free applesauce at

Still Left to Use

Black plastic circles

The concrete will have to wait until tomorrow...Black plastic circles are done just haven't taken a picture

How to Turn Any Photo Into Party Decor

Who's in for a Party?

 It’s party time and you want dynamic, out-of-this-world decorations - you want something special that screams ‘Hey, this is me!’  No matter what twist you want this party to take, making decorations can be cheap and best of all, they show-off your amazing pics.  An up-high mobile will be hanging around long after the party’s over.  Butterflies not your thing, how about family photos or random shots?  Make several mobiles by theme and decorate your entire pad!  All you need is a quick trip to the hardware store and maybe a bakery for a cupcake before the party.

So, let’s get started amping-up your shin-dig – you’ll be done quicker than you can say ‘Hold on there butterfly, I want to take your ph...’


A few tweaks of the basic instructions for the mobile creates an entire party from food to table decor using thinner wire.


  • Photos, two of each, one printed in reverse because you want this to look great on both sides – project was printed 8 x 10. Use pro printing so the photos are sturdy and won’t go limp
  • Copper wire, 6’ of 14 gauge (BTW, you might want to get extra because your besties are going to want these as gifts)
  • Adhesive to stick photos together, find your sticky whether it be double-sided tape, glue stick or spray adhesive
  • Adhesive to stick photos to wire, white glue, hot glue or double-sided, non-shiny tape
  • Jar or something about 2” in diameter
  • Scissors
  • Flipper flapper, AKA pancake turner
STEP 1:  BY HOOK OR BY CROOK (no stealing required!)

It’s to the kitchen with you to find a couple of things. One, something to wrap the wire around for the hook end.  A flipper flapper (AKA pancake turner) works well.  Next, you’ll need something that has a diameter of about 2” – give or take a shake of salt, doesn’t have to be exact.

Make a quick sketch of how you’d like the mobile to look. Check out the photos for ideas.

You have to hang the mobile somehow, so form a hook by wrapping one end of the wire around the flipper flapper.  You can also form a circle, depending on how you plan for this guy to hang around.

About 8” below hook, take your 2” diameter something and wrap the wire around.  Leave about a foot (not a real one) and repeat and repeat again on down the wire.  Just imagine a butterfly circling around you as you form the circles. OK, you don’t have to!


Cut around a small area of one of the photos – it makes lining up the pictures sooooo much easier.  Make sure you’re working with one regular photo and one reversed.  Read the back of the bottle, stick or dispenser to apply adhesive to the hinny side of one photo.  Line them up and press, press, press. 
Think back to kindergarten and carefully cut around the edges.  Keep on, keepin’ on until you have enough pictures for your mobile. 


Things just got stickier.  Stick your photos on the wire with white glue, hot glue or double-sided, non-shiny tape. 

VoilĂ , you’re ready to just hang loose at your party.  Stand back and take in the oohs and ahhs and get ready to take orders!


The butterflies look so real, because they are (not really, but you get it!)
Now that the mobile has dressed up the place, you have to feed your guests and of course, you need a little something else on the down low to make a theme splash (like the table).  How about some picks for cupcakes and in some flowers you got at the market?  It’s all the same steps as the mobile, just smaller.  Print photos wallet size, making the same amount in reverse.  Stick them together, cut ‘em out and here’s where things go different.  Hopefully you have one of those itty bitty hole punches, if not, use something sharp to poke two holes in the center of each photo.  Make swirls in 20 gauge wire using the ol’ pencil (if you can still find one!) leaving about 2” straight on one end.  Thread the straight end in the holes and swirl the end with your pencil.  Make more, more, more – more is always better.  Add to cupcakes, flowers anywhere you need that party spirit.  Who wants cupcakes?

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This Week's Shopping List

I am a Joan of All Trades so I usually have an usual shopping list.  Check out this week's list...

Round black, plastic circle about 1-1/2" in diameter 
Copper wire

What do you think I'm making?  I posted my list on Facebook and someone commented that they're sure I'm now on the FBI follow list.

I'll be posting my projects this weekend.

Keep on keepin' on...

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Healthy BBQ Pizza Recipe

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