Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Butterfly Shoes

These shoes are dreamy!!!  My ankle wouldn't stand for the heels, but I'm determined to make a similar (more sensible for me) pair using Aleene's Instant Decoupage but first I must find the shoes and butterfly napkins or wrapping paper.  Stay tuned...BTW - check out the price for the shoes...

2012 Costco International Photo Contest

It's almost here again - the 2012 Costco International Photo Contest and I can't wait to find that perfect photo to enter.  All entries must be postmarked by September 30, 2012. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Butterfly Party & Celebration of Our Lives

I gathered some very dear friends last weekend for what was called a Celebration of Our Lives...I kind of kidnapped them or said a little more nicely, took them on a Mystery Trip for the day.

We started with lunch at my house, went to Heidi Borchers' studio to make a lovely mosaic creation, then on to a full-on high tea, back to my place to kick back, paint our fingernails with magnetic nail polish and a little slumber party.

If you're looking for butterfly party ideas or just ideas for a girls' getaway weekend scroll on down for some ideas to make your girls feel extra special.

Thanks to my friends who joined in the fun (to those who couldn't make it, well, ya missed a great time), to the special friend who loaned me her fabulous home for the tea, to Heidi Borchers who made mosaics marvelous to Barbara Jo and Mick for giving us a proper high tea to Denise, you're always magnetic - thank you, thank you, thank you dear friends, one and all!


Butterfly Pasta!

Who knew?  Certainly not me...Denise brought me some Butterfly Pasta from World Market!!!  I told her I'd have to use the same tablecloth I had on my table for the party since it matched the pasta!  Love it, Denise!

Butterfly Party Activities

I took the ladies on a kind of mystery day of celebrating.  We went to Heidi Borchers' studio and had a great afternoon of mosaic making.

Even Aleene and Tiffany Windsor showed up to say 'hi!'

 Here's my heart before the grout.


 After I got home, I just had to add some swirls with a permanent pen.  I hung my mosaic on a quilt I have hanging on the wall.

After we were done with our mosaic projects, we journeyed to a dear friends house for a proper English tea prepared by another dear friend and her significant other. My friend's WONDERFUL home overlooks the bay and everywhere you look it is adorned with her amazing watercolor creations.  We all loved checking out her 900 square foot studio.  We had tons of little sandwiches, sausage rolls, sweets and lovely teas. 
 More edible butterflies
After the tea, some of the ladies went back to my house for a slumber party.  Denise owns a beauty shop and brought along the latest in nail polish - it was magnetic and so cool.  She brushed it on and while it was still wet placed a special magnet over the paint that made a design.  She said she could actually see it move.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Butterfly Party Decorations

Even a plant needs a little party umph!
Decorations really set the tone for a party so butterflies were EVERYWHERE at my house and at the tea.
Start your decorating before your guest even make it in the front door!

I hung butterfly streamers from the lamps in my staircase.  And, wrapped butterfly ribbon around the banister.

I applied stickers to some heavy paper, cut them out, punched two holes at the center and ran wire through them.  I twisted the wire in loops for a 'flying' effect.

I put stickers on the hanging lanterns.  I didn't press them on real hard so I can take them off and use them for other theme parties.

I got this cute hanging decoration at Oriental Trading Company along with butterfly suckers, tattoos, fans, etc., etc.  Cheap too!

I even 'dressed-up' my boot with some butterfly ribbon.
The table...

You can wet the edible butterflies a little with water and they adhere to a glass...just lovely.

Butterfly Goodie Bags & Favors

Butterfly Necklaces

Everyone got to make a butterfly necklace to wear for the festivities and take home with them as a memento.  These were easy to make since I found the already assembled ribbon necklaces at Beverly's (only 99 cents) and we added a butterfly charm using a jump ring.

I found butterfly teacups at Amazon.com that came in a variety of colors.  Everyone selected a favorite color and took the teacups home as a gift.

You have to have goodie bags at a party and of course, they were butterfly themed.
Everything from butterfly fans, fly swatters, sunglasses, tattoos, butterfly garden seeds and bubbles!!!

Edible Butterfly Cake

What's a celebration without cake?  I bought the cake at my local grocery store and added edible butterflies that I got on-line.  Almost too pretty to eat!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Repurpose a Boot

On April 4th it was a year since I broke my ankle and this silly boot I had to wear for six weeks has been hanging around - I just couldn't throw it away.  Today was the day to do something with it.  I added potting soil and planted some succulents and other plants to make a conversation piece out on my deck.
I used some hook and loop tape from the boot to close up the toe end so it would hold a plant.
The boot before...
As I was planting this I had to open up the hook and loop 'tape' several times to tighten it up and oh did that bring back memories of trying to make this boot comfortable!!!  I even slept in it!

 Now, what to do with the crutches????  Let me know if you have ideas.