Monday, October 31, 2011

Aleene's Fusible Web


An entire bolt of Aleene's Fusible Web.  I made many wonderful things with Aleene's Fusible Web over the years - quilt appliques, baby items, I even fused fabric to paper to make cards.  Well, it's time to make more room in my craft room.  Anyone interested? Drop me an email at and we can talk particulars.
16" x 50 yards - yup, 50 YARDS!!! Easy to follow iron-on instructions included.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Hello my pretties!

I have on my jack-o-lantern socks, ghost earrings and an orange blouse.  Let the fun begin!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monarch Butterflies

The Monarch butterflies are back and I'm trying to get the perfect shot for a mobile...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Vintage Christmas Postcard Images

Are you ready for the holidays?  I've been busy crafting away using digital images of vintage Christmas postcards that belonged to my great aunt!  We're talking 100+ years old!  You can make everything from gift tags, embellish candles, make gift bags, create washable gifts (t-shirts, napkins, kitchen towels, etc., etc.), jewelry, changeable vase, holiday cards, holiday planner, ornaments and more ornaments!!! 

I'll be posting a new project every couple of days so keep checking back for instructions on how to create with these beautiful postcards.  BTW - it's NEVER too early to start creating for the holidays.


The postcard images are available at:

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Vintage Postcard Crafting

I'm listening to holiday music in October - before you think I've totally lost it - I'm making some Christmas projects using my great aunt's vintage holiday postcards.  My family has tons of her old postcards - it's a hoot to read these tidbits of the past and see the wonderful stamps and greetings.  I'll post my creations soon!!!  BTW - I'm not using the originals, I'm making copies. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

I'm hosting a photo scavenger hunt and it was so much fun coming up with a list of items the attendees have to find and photograph.  I made it specific to the area we'll be.

I printed the list out on some old looking paper, rolled it up, put on a sticker (it's actually a self-adhesive address label that I printed on) and tied it with raffia for a kind of scavenger / pirate look.

Can't wait for the big event and see how everyone this weekend!

Autographed Baseball

My friend, Marie, added this photo from her grandson's baseball themed birthday party - it's an autograph ball station, where she had a sharpie on the tray to sign the baseball and a candle holder she used as a pedestal for the 'theme ball'. The radio frame has their favorite Dodger announcer, Vin Scully in it!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

Check out my friend Marie's, awesome baseball party theme decorations for her grandson's first birthday.  Marie is always whipping up something creative - she teaches amazing projects at Quilter's Quarters in Hanford, California.  Check out her upcoming classes at

Marie's last name is Wilder - that's why it says Wilder Field on the scoreboard!  Cute isn't it?
 Love the banners!!!
 Marie tells me the centerpieces were less than $8 each - most expensive item - the pail.  The words to Take Me Out to the Ball Game song are printed on the other side! 

Love the cake! 

Thanks for letting me share your awesome ideas, Marie!!!