Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lemoore High School Class of 1975 Class Reunion

The following posts about my class reunion are a bit disjointed, but you'll get it after you look at all of them. Last weekend was my high school class 35th reunion and I was on the committee with two other core individuals who were dedicated to making this event a wonderful reality. For two years (actually longer) I have searched and searched to find our classmates - I wanted to give as many classmates as possible the chance to come celebrate and reminisce with friends. The reunion took a lot of planning but my friends Mike and Diane made it a lot of fun - I will miss our emails, phone calls and meetings - such joy, such fun, so rewarding.
The picture above includes a few of my elementary school classmates that I also graduated with from high school - a couple of them I went kindergarten through high school. We only had a graduating class of about 40, so that's a pretty good turnout.

The barn is incredible!!! What you can't see is the airplane propeller on the other side of the building that is run by a giant pulley to act as a fan to cool the barn. The setting among the oak trees was stunning, the pond with a bridge was cooling, the Red Rock Saloon is so nostalgic, the jail - well, it's a jail, and the greenest grass I've ever amazing place...thanks, Mike, for working your connections to get us such a terrific place to hold our reunion...

To those who helped with making this reunion 'come to life' - thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your work. To the classmates who attended, thanks for coming and thanks for being a part of my life...


Lemoore High School

Here's where it began in high school is soooo beautiful! The community made the decision many years ago to retrofit the school vs tearing it down. Thank you, thank you, thank you for preserving our beautiful school!

Looking down from the balcony in the auditorium.

I wonder if I noticed this beautiful column during my four years here...

or this stunning old chair...

We got a SPECIAL tour of the school - one of our classmates works there and has the keys to the place...

Keepin' it cool & Other Class Reunion Goodies

My purple and gold trash...

I knew it was going to be hot at the reunion, so I made these purple and gold fans complete with our school logo in the center.

Purple and gold paper, a little glue and Popsicle sticks and you're ready to be oh, so cool!

I used the school logo everywhere - fans, centerpieces - I even glued them to flat backed marbles and attached a self-stick magnet on the back for a little favor.

Check out these other cool favors I made.
They are coasters personalized with the school logo and the classmates' yearbook photo. Everyone LOVED them! I got them at they were only $1.15 for two.

Making reunion decorations on the cheap

Making reunion centerpiece on the cheap (but NICE!)

Ask your friend had TONS of clear vases leftover from a wedding. Didn't cost me a dime.

Check out the after holiday specials - I got this really cool trim for 75% off at a after Christmas sale at Pier 1

The flowers are from Michaels - try to hang on until a sale comes along - I got these 40% off - just make sure you buy more than enough - I bought too early and when a ton more people signed up for the reunion I had to scramble to find similar flowers...lesson learned...

These cost me .15 cents each at the after Christmas sale...

Helpers at the reunion unfluffing the 'pom pom's to hang among the trees.

Purple and Gold Chocolate Covered Strawberries

One of our classmates made all of these purple and gold chocolate covered strawberries - check out the 75, the tiger tail, the L and LUHS spelled out or made with these yummies...

More Reunion Photos


Because of a post on Facebook about me being sick, my classmate, Mike, said he knew what would cure me - his gourmet ice cream - this escalated into him make five different ice creams for the reunion and all of the chocolate covered strawberries and other goodies. MIKE, you are one talented ice cream maker (and chocolate covered strawberry dipper)! Thanks for all your contributions to make the reunion extra special!!!

Peaches and Love

I got these photos this morning from my dear friend, Frances, of the peach tree I gave her and her husband three years ago (maybe four) as a wedding present. Peaches are very sentimental to Frances and Rudy (and me)...there's a whole story behind the peaches and how they met and the if not now, when? question. Thanks for sharing, Miss Frances, and I can't wait for some peach pie...

I have pictures from my FABULOUS reunion that I want to post, but honestly, I'm a little bit tired from all of the festivities. Photos soon of all the decorations and maybe a sneak peek into my high school and elementary school life after all these years...stay tuned...I had a BIG surprise at the reunion!!!!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The weather is great in Lemoore

Class Reunion

The time has FINALLY arrived...

EVERYTHING is ready for the reunion. Favors are made, the centerpieces are ready to be placed on the tables and fluffed, banner ready to be hung to greet the guests, huge purple and gold decorations ready to be swaying in the breeze hanging from majestic oak trees - all we need are some TIGERS ready to celebrate!!!

I received an email late last night that a classmate found a slide presentation that we thought had been lost for about 30 years. Now, the hunt begins for a slide projector - my nephew asked 'what's a slide projector?' I told him it was next to the rotary phone...

Time to pack my car and head to my hometown for a weekend full of exciting activities and seeing some people I haven't seen in 35 years!!! Look out Lemoore, the Class of 1975 is coming to town!

Pictures next week of all of the decorations and activities.

Have a groovy weekend,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Newcomers Fashion Show

The models, commentator, store owner and coordinator. Great group of ladies!

The shop owner selected outfits that I would NEVER have even looked at twice, but they looked pretty good...this photo doesn't show my fake tanned legs.

Under those jeans are the stiletto boots. They really showed with a skirt outfit that I didn't get a picture of yet.

Upward and onward toward next weekend's reunion.

Party Central!

It's Almost Reunion Time!

My tiny home looks like a purple and gold explosion! Pictures soon of the fun things I'm making for our reunion and of the fashion show this week! I HAVE to get a writing job done first before I can play with more party projects. And, I got a panic call last night that we need to order porta-potties and that we have three less round tables than we thought - phone calls today to take care of a few last-minute glitches.

And, my nephew from the DC area is here and I get to have a belated birthday lunch (or ice cream) with my sister and two nephews today. And, photography field trip tonight and to help my friend download the fashion show pictures...busy day, busy week to come...Ahhhhh, such fabulous fun!

I'd better get to that writing job...make it a fantastic day, whatever you do!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


The 70's tunes are blasting and it's time to get down to crafting for the and details when I get them done! Bring it on, Class of 1975 - two weeks from tonight!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Relief and Now Catch-Up Time!

Wow! I just got released from my doctor after a two week ordeal and it was if a HUGE weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I didn't even know how much it had been weighing me down until he said I could do home health care for the next couple of weeks instead of going into his office for treatment.

It all started two weeks ago today with a bump and escalated to a couple of trips to urgent care over Memorial Weekend for antibiotic shots, a trip to the ER with a stay in the infectious disease ward all by myself and almost daily trips to my doctor for treatment. It turns out I had a staph infection that got the size of a lemon 3" deep under my skin. My doctor and I became VERY good friends - he even gave me a little shoulder massage after every treatment - his fantastic bedside manner helped me endure very painful unpacking and packing of gauze down into the abscess. TMI, I know, but it's a little lesson for us all to take medical situations seriously. They said if I hadn't gone in when I did, it could have been much, much worse... I can't imagine!

I wish I had time to catch you up on a FABULOUS seminar I went to before I got sick and my upcoming reunion - I'm seeing purple and gold everywhere in my house...and I'm in a fashion show next week and the lady picked clothes totally outside of my comfort zone - I'm wearing black knee-high stiletto pointed toed boots with two of the outfits.

Oh, I almost forgot, thanks to each and everyone of you for the birthday wishes. I was just starting to get sick on my birthday but had a lovely dinner with friends. Since I've been sick the birthday celebrations are ongoing - love it!

No time for details at the moment, but please do take care of yourself and remember that part of that all-over good health is doing things for yourself, so do a little something for you today, make a little crafty item, take a walk or in my case, I'm going to go call and make appointments for a spa day with my dear friend who's coming for our reunion all the way from London.

Take care,

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Costco International Photo Contest 2010

Costco's Give Us Your Best Shot Photography Contest

I know you've been waiting for the big announcement for the Costco Give Us Your Best Shot 2010 Contest. Wouldn't it be great to win the $2,500 Costco Cash card and a 40" x 60" canvas print of your photo?

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get out and shoot your best shot!

Best of luck!