Tuesday, March 20, 2012

 This is cool in a couple of ways...it's made using a wine crate from a local winery and my nephew's name is Justin. 
So many pots, not so many plants...still interesting.

I got some shutter doors at a garage sale a couple of years ago and they're just sitting around waiting to be put to good use.  I saw this at a local shop.  I'll have to pull out the top louvers of mine.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

 Kitchen Transformation!

I'm FINALLY done redoing my kitchen cabinets.  I started back before Christmas and LIFE got in the way but I can now cross them off my to do list.  The Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformations really did make it easy!  They even look pretty good with the late 1970's mustard colored counter tops.

 Before were pretty darn awful!

In process...I had drawers and cabinet doors EVERYWHERE!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

I'm getting ready for a Photopalooza tomorrow!  My photography group is gathering to use some of the tons of photos we've taken in creative ways. Check out some of the ideas below.  Have some ideas of your own, share them please!

Tin Photo Memory Board
A tin sheet from the hardware store makes a great (and inexpensive) memory board!

What You'll Need
Tin sheet
Spray adhesive
Photo to fit tin sheet or use decorative papers to fill in
Spray sealer
Wax paper
Cardboard box
Embellishments - optional

How to Make It
1. Spray photo will sealer - this keeps the surface from getting scratched.  Let dry.
2. Place wax paper in cardboard box.
3. Place photo with white side up in box.
4. Spray with adhesive.
5. Immediately, smooth photo on tin.
6. Optional - cut decorative papers to fill-in open space on tin and add embellishments as desired.
Photo Tin Container
Photos dress up an ordinary container

What You'll Need
Tin or other container
Decoupage medium
Wax paper
Spray sealer
Dirt / Rocks / Succulent

How to Make It
1. Cut around images.
2. Place wax paper on work surface. Place photo white side up on wax paper.  Brush on decoupage medium.  Place on tin. Brush decoupage medium over photo. Continue with other images. Let dry.
3. Spray with sealer. Let dry.
4. Place rocks in container, then dirt and press succulent in dirt.

 Photo Magnets
Use photos or decorative papers to create inexpensive magnets!
What You’ll Need
·         Photo
·         Decoupage medium
·         Brush
·         Wax paper
·         Marbles, flat-backed
·         Magnet
·         Scissors

 How to Make Them
1. Decide what area of photo you want to 'capture under glass' by placing marble over photo.
2. Brush decoupage medium on flat back of marble.  Place on image.  Let dry slightly.
3. Cut around edge.
4. Place magnet on back.