Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Succulent Shoe Garden

One of my succulent shoe gardens is blooming!  

Hypertufa Class

I went out to check on my hypertufa farm this afternoon.  I have eleven students signed up for a class through my local adult ed and I pre made these guys and they're curing for the class.  So students get the full hypertufa experience, in the class we talk all about the ins and outs and then we mix a batch, they pour it and take that one home to cure. Then they'll learn about drilling holes, decorating them and then the hypertufa you see in the picture will be cured by then so they plant them in class with succulents.  They get the entire life cycle of hypertufa.  There are still four spaces left.  Check it out - www.CreativeMeTime.com

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sea Glass and Wire Wrap Jewelry Classes

There was tons of sea glass and wire wrap jewelry fun happening today!

Hypertufa and Succulent Planter

This is what's on tap in the studio tomorrow - hypertufa and succulents!  We're making our own molds, mixing and casting the hypertufa then the students will plant a hypertufa planter I've cured for them with succulents. This class is full, but there are others coming up soon.  www.CreativeMeTime.com