Thursday, February 27, 2014

What to do with an Old Quilt

Project Save Great Grandma's Quilt - The Finish

 Drum roll, please...
I started this project a couple of weeks ago as a special birthday gift for my mom.  It started as a very tattered quilt that her grandmother gave her back in the 50's or 60's.  It's been in my parent's closet since it isn't usable and every once in a while we pull it out and say we should do something with it.  We (my sister, mom and I) made large flower pin cushions (see below) for thirteen cousins recently but my mom wanted a larger piece.  She found an old mirror frame out in a shed and decided she wanted a memory board made using the quilt. Since her birthday was coming up, I offered to make it for her.  Life got in the way but I finished it today - I'm going 'home' tomorrow for a big family celebration - three family birthday's!
I LOVE this!  It turned out better than I expected!  I made rolled roses from strips of the quilt and dyed some of the quilt backing for the leaves.  The rolled roses are placed to cover up the big holes and one on the frame to cover up a big ding.  Almost forgot, I covered the buttons with the quilt fabric too!

Rolled roses hid the holes

Gravity Space Shuttle Cake

Astronaut Cake

I was invited to an Oscar party on Sunday and asked to bring a dish that represents my favorite movie.  Well, I have to admit that I didn't see Gravity (the previews looked too intense for me!), I still thought this space shuttle cake idea would be great!

The instructions are at this link commemorating the last shuttle launch

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mixed Media Madness Workshop

Mixed media is so fun!  There are no rules and you have access to Joan’s massive treasure chest of craft supplies to decorate three wood nesting boxes.  Whether your heart desires feathers, beads or metal trimmings, you’ll be in creative heaven searching for just that right trinket.  Experiment and let your creativity soar with a little of this or a lot of that and before you know it, you’ve created masterpieces for special gifts or as a beautiful accent for your home. 

Mixed Media Nesting Boxes Workshop 

Tuesday, March 25th

6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Los Osos, California (just a few minutes from the happiest place in the US - San Luis Obispo)

$50 (everything is included in the workshop, just bring YOU!)
More details can be found at

Shrink Plastic Frame Workshop

Shrink Plastic Heart Frame Workshop

Wednesday, March 12th
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Los Osos, California
$30 (all supplies are included)

My passion for shrink plastic started when I was a kid and we lived ten miles from town without much to do on a farm, so being creative became an integral part of my life.  I took that passion and created many, many, many shrink plastic projects on the Aleene's Creative Living Television Show.  So many, in fact, that Tiffany Windsor, the host, dubbed me 'The Queen of Shrink-It'.  My passion continues today and I'm excited to be holding this workshop at Heidi Borcher's Studio where I'll let you in on all the shrink plastic secrets and show my archives of projects.

Amp-up a plain frame with colorful hearts made from shrink plastic.  Remember playing with Shrinky Dinks or Aleene’s Shrink-It?  Never heard of shrink plastic?  Either way, you’re in for a treat. Shrink plastic starts as a thin sheet, you draw on it, paint on it, print on it - you get the picture.  Then you get the fun of watching it shrink in the oven.  It shrinks in just a few minutes to 60% of original size to the thickness of a nickel.  Joan will show samples of other uses since it’s great for jewelry, cake decorating, home d├ęcor and kids’ projects.  Everything’s included in the workshop to create an 8” x 10” frame.  Come join the fun on the beautiful Central Coast just north of San Luis Obispo!

Sign-up at

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Shirt & Earrings

I had such a fun time getting ready for Saint Patrick's Day using the EZScreenPrint product.  Create the design you want from graphics, drawings, pictures, etc.- that's what makes this product so neat - you can totally customize whatever you want!  Once you have your artwork it only takes 60 seconds exposure to the sun to make your screen!

I wanted some cute earrings to match my shirt, so I stenciled on shrink plastic that's for use with ink jet printers.  Right after I applied the paint, I placed a paper towel over the paint and gently blotted it.  If you don't, your paint will get kind of furry looking and we can't have that!  Follow the instructions on your shrink plastic to shrink. For those who have never used shrink plastic (I have adored shrink plastic since I was a kid) you do your image on the plastic, put it in the oven and it shrinks about 60%, gets the thickness of a nickle and hard.  Great for making cupcake picks, earrings and tons of other projects.  Be sure to punch a hole at the top before you shrink the plastic!

Ready to try screen printing?  Get started with a 15% off discount - just use joan15 when you're checking out and there's no minimum order.  Check it out!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Creative Me Time Retreats & Workshop for Women

Mosaic Mirror Workshop
Featuring Heidi Borchers
Saturday, March 29th
Los Osos, California
Mirror in progress

Our first Creative Me Time event features Heidi Borchers who was born into the crafting industry. As the daughter of Aleene Jackson, America's beloved "Mother of Crafting" and the inventor of Aleene's Tacky Glue, Heidi spent many of her childhood leisure hours in her mother's shop, gluing, creating, and learning. By the time she was a teenager, Heidi had become an accomplished artist, as well as an inventive designer.

A studio in the seaside town of Los Osos, California, is home to a sea of materials, finished designs, and works-in-progress. Hundreds of containers full of buttons, beads, trinkets, ceramic cookies, tiles and baubles await you for this project. The studio is also a classroom and store where Heidi will be holding this workshop.

Come explore the world of mosaics and learn Heidi's super easy and fun techniques.  Enjoy a day of Creative Me Time with fun ladies, a yummy lunch and take home your finished mirror!

Learn about Heidi's workshop and other retreats and workshops at

Monday, February 10, 2014

Save Great Grandma's Quilt - Almost Done

Trying to use every last piece of the quilt.  The worn spots will be covered with folded fabric roses that I made from the scraps of the quilt.

I covered buttons using scraps of the quilt.

Shrink Plastic Chandelier

What do you think?  I saw this in a magazine and my creative brain said - I can make that from shrink plastic and other baubles.  It will have to go on the back burner for the moment while I finish Save Great Grandma's Quilt project...

Save Great Grandma's Quilt - Buttons

Using every scrap of the quilt - covering buttons!  

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Project Save Great Grandma's Quilt

It's coming together!  Laying out all of the components before I do any gluing. In my quest to use as much of the quilt as possible, I made rolled roses from the backing and the really bad parts of the quilt top. The roses hide really worn parts of the quilt - win, win, win!   Think I'll add some light green leaves and, of course, something to tack down the ribbon at each X.  I forgot to mention the frame is an old mirror mount my mom found out in the shed. We're finally having awesome rain so painting the frame will have to wait until next week. Upward and onward in love!

Saving Great Grandma's Quilt

I've gathered my supplies and now it's time to dive in and start cutting, gluing and creating a way to display my great grandmother's quilt.  It was in really bad shape and had been my my parents closet since the 50's or 60's.  It's time for it to shine again !

Saturday, February 08, 2014

What to do with an Old Quilt Part 2

I'm off to Michaels this morning, with my 20% off coupon on my phone, for supplies to create my mom's birthday present using part of my great grandmother's quilt.  The quilt was given to my mom back in the 50's or 60's and was in terrible shape.  We made stuffed flowers for all of our cousins recently but have some leftover pieces.  So, that's my fun for today - save the quilt and make a memento for my mom.  Fingers crossed, I'll post pictures of the finished project this weekend.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Creative Me Time Women's Retreats & Workshops

www.CreativeMeTime.comI'm very excited to announce that Creative Me Time is working with very talented artists and designers from the craft industry to bring you amazing women's creative retreats and workshops.  Come join us on the beautiful Central Coast of California near San Luis Obispo to learn from experts on mosaics, mixed media, scrap booking and so many more!  Check out the Creative Me Time website and sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest info on all of the happenings.

The first workshop features Heidi Borchers, the daughter of the Queen of Crafts, Aleene, the Tacky Glue founder.  Come join the fun to learn easy mosaic techniques by making a beautiful mirror.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

What to do with an Old Quilt

Great Grandma's Quilt

Today, we are honoring my mom's sister who passed away several months ago.  Since all of the cousins are gathering together we thought this would be a good time to finally share great grandma's quilt.  My mom received it back in 1968 when she passed and it was in pretty bad shape back then.  It's had a home in various closets over the years and my sister, mom and I have talked many times about finding a way to preserve it and share it with other family members since it couldn't be used as is.      

At Christmas we finally took the plunge and cut the quilt into circles and sewed on plain fabric for the backs.
My sister and I met one evening to stuff the circles, sew on the buttons and wrap the thread around them to create a wonderful keepsake.
So, great grandma's beautiful quilt is now preserved and shared with all of the cousins to be cherished throughout the generations to come.