Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yesterday, we had a little local earthquake - a 3.7.  I mainly 'hear' the earthquakes when they happen (I've experienced three in three years).  I have a lovely terrarium with glass sides and it shakes against the metal 'housing' when we have a shaker.  So, today is the day I decided to finally use the Quake Hold! that I'd had for ages and secure my treasures on top of my kitchen cabinets (I have cathedral ceilings so I have lots of breakable items up there).  OK, so earthquakes, I am now prepared, so you can stop now!!!!

I think I'm on a 'be prepared' quest...

Make it a great day!


Ready for an Emergency

It'll NEVER Happen to ME...
Life is going along just fine and then one day IT happens.  THE UNEXPECTED!!!

It wasn't a normal Saturday - I had been invited to attend a Canon camera seminar in a nearby town by a friend who had recently bought a new camera and invited me along.  I was excited - I was finally going to take a formal class on photography and learn a little something about cameras.  My friend got lost and was 1/2 hour late, so I couldn't go into the seminar (I later suggested she get a GPS for her car!).  The seminar was informative, our lunch wonderful and I left early to buy a hostess gift for the dinner I was attending that night.  I was getting dressed and started to not feel 'right'.  I called a friend whose son happens to be a doctor and her daughter has a master's in nursing (it is soooo nice to have a friend like that!).  She told me to unlock the door and go lay on the bed.  I don't remember the next seven hours.  I hear there were ten fire and policemen in my home, I had a $2,400 ambulance ride (I would have liked to have remembered that!) and don't remember spending several hours in the ER.  I do remember being placed in a hospital bed and appearing at three of my very concerned friends at the end of my bed.  After many days in the hospital and tons of tests they think I had a seizure.  
Thinking about my future health and my poor friends and emergency personal who didn't have a clue about the meds I took, I decided to 'post' all the medical info in a conspicuous place in my house but didn't want it to 'stand out like a sore thumb'!  I typed up my emergency contact info and all my meds, put them in a clear pouch, cut a piece of scrapbook paper to make it fit my decor and printed Medical Info on some plain paper. I put it near where I keep my purse and keys. Don't forget to put the info in your car (I put mine in a zip-top plastic bag) and I also did one to carry in my purse and I take it when I walk.

You just never know...and it's always better to be prepared - I don't know about you, but I have TONS more things I want to do with my life and hopefully I will never need emergency services again but at least I have gathered all the info needed if the need arises.

Take few moments right now to protect yourselves and your loved one... it could be a matter of life or death!!!

Take care,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lovely Gardens


Garden Tour of Cayucos

Such a pleasure seeing these wonderful gardens, many with succulents which thrive on the Central Coast of California
 Makes we want to sit for a spell....
 My parents were both rural mail carriers so I happen to have an affection for different mailboxes.  

 Check out this clear mailbox - love it!
Another example of living in a beach town...a surf mural on your garage door!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Prince William & Kate

Wow!  Was I honored when my friend, Kathy, brought me this tin full of yummy cookies all the way from England by way of Virginia.  It commemorates the marriage of Prince William of Wales & Miss Catherine Middleton on April 29th, 2011.  Love it!  Thanks, friend!

Make Healthy Fun! Workshop


What an awesome workshop at the Morro Bay Library!  I was under-the-weather so I recruited some helpers I knew would do a great job and I hear they did!!!  Thanks to my sister-in-law, Nicki, my bro, David and 9-year-old nephew, Brandon who made a fun morning for kids and adult alike making marbles (all you need is some cornstarch or white bread, glue and paint) and creating a container garden complete with beans seeds to get the kids going on growing their very own garden.  Check out workshops and other ideas to get the entire family to unplug, exercise and eat healthy at and

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Transfer Your Child's Drawings on to T-shirts


Don't file away those great drawings your child creates, scan them into your computer, print them on Wilton T-shirt Transfers, iron them on and in a few short seconds you have a unique way to 'display' and preserve a masterpiece. 

My nephew, Brandon, was here this summer and created some great drawings.  School starts for him this week so I created one-of-a-kind t-shirts for his first week of school.  Remember those days?  New clothes, new shoes, even new underwear...

Stores are having amazing sales on t-shirts right now, grab a few, stop at your local fabric or craft store for some t-shirt transfers and be ready for school!

BTW - if you've used iron-on transfers years ago, try them again - they've improved DRASTICALLY!!!

Happy Crafting!