Monday, December 17, 2007

Family Wreath

Create a wreath to commemorate a special occasion.

Here's What You Need
Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue™
Aleene's® Stick Glue™
Wreath or make your own
Scrapbook papers

Here's How to Make It
1. Cut scrapbook papers slightly larger than pictures.
2. Glue pictures to scrapbook papers with Stick Glue.
3. Place ribbon loosely on wreath and tack in place with Tacky Glue.
4. Glue pictures and leaves on wreath.
5. If desired, print wording on plain paper and glue to scrapbook paper. Glue at top of wreath. Make bow and glue at top of wreath.

Make It Yours! Tip
Commemorate a monumental birthday, an anniversary, a wedding - use colors from the occasion or the person's favorite colors. Make it really personal - at the party - have pieces of scrapbook paper cut, pens and hot glue and adorn the wreath right there with their greetings. Remember to later use some Tacky Glue where hot glue was used - that way you know it will stay together forever!

Wrap It Up! Tip
This one you just have to hang on the wall and let it speak for itself!

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