Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Time Out Stool

What You Need
~ Aleene's® Instant Decoupage™ Sealer and Finish
~ Aleene's® Thick Designer Tacky Glue™
~ Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint™, colors to go with print
~ Wood stool
~ Poster or fabric
~ Sponge brush
~ Scissors
~ Chalk pencil

How to Make It
1. Basecoat wood pieces. Let dry.
2. Cut print to fit top of stool.
3. Apply Instant Decoupage to stool top where print will be placed.
4. Place print over Instant Decoupage. Smooth with your hands.
5. Brush Instant Decoupage over print. For a protective finish, brush Instant Decoupage over all wood pieces. Let dry.
6. Write desired words on stool using chalk pencil. Trace with 3D Paint. Let dry.
7. Glue stool pieces together with Thick Designer Tacky Glue.
Make It You! Tip
Choose a print that's so you! Add Tulip® Glam-It-Up!™ Iron-On Crystals™ for a sparkly touch.

Wrap It Up! Tip
This is another tricky gift to wrap. Add a large teddy to the seat and tie a big bow around it!

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