Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gift Idea / Outdoor Decorating
Paper Tablecloth Applique Chair
What You Need
Aleene’s® Instant Decoupage™ Sealer and Finish
Paper tablecloth with plastic backing removed
Disposable dish or cut
Paintbrush, 1” wide
Plastic chair
Waterproof sealer

How to Make It
Tear paper tablecloth in irregular shapes about 2” square. NOTE: Pieces can be larger or smaller depending on size of chair.
Brush Instant Decoupage on a small portion of chair. Lay tablecloth pieces on Instant Decoupage. Continue until chair is covered.
Brush Instant Decoupage over entire chair.
Spray with water proof sealer.

Make It Yours! Tip
Personalize each chair with the person’s name, using Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint™.

Wrap It Up! Tip
Wrap something this big!!! Yikes! Place it in your storage building and place the bow on the door.


Bunko Lass said...

What a great way to turn a boring plastic chair into a work of art! This is a project that I am DEFINITELY going to try!

Thank you for always providing such great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I want one of those!!

I can coordinate with my tablecloth; heck it can BE my tablecloth!

Ever cover a plastic table??

Joan said...

I have covered a small side table and it looked awesome!