Friday, December 07, 2007

Gift Idea
Napkin Appliqué Suitcase

Travel in style this holiday season AND your suitcase will standout from the crowd at baggage claim!

What You Need
Aleene’s® Thick Designer Tacky Glue™
Aleene’s® Instant Decoupage Sealer and Finish™
Tissue paper or napkin with print
Glitter, color to coordinate with design

How to Make It
Pour some Instant Decoupage on plate. Mix in a small amount of glitter. Lightly brush over suitcase. Let dry.
Cut out designs from tissue paper or napkin. NOTE: If using napkins, remove backing plys and only use printed ply.
Brush Instant Decoupage where design will be placed.
Place design over Instant Decoupage.
Brush Instant Decoupage over design from center out to edges.
Continue until desired look is achieved. Let dry.
Glue on embellishments with Thick Designer Tacky Glue.

Make It Yours! Tip
Find napkins or tissue with a travel theme or the person’s favorite flowers or, or, or…there are soooo many possibilities.

Wrap It Up! Tip
Place a large bow on the suitcase and put another gift inside it – maybe tickets for a trip, a gift certificate for a weekend getaway complete with a bottle of champagne…

1 comment:

Kristen said...

LOVE IT! Our family travels alot. I'm going to make a suitcase for everyone, so they can identify their own.