Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last Minute Crafting

I ran to Michaels during my 1/2 hour lunch to pick up one thing - picture hangers for my brothers gift (pictures of that tonight). Over an hour later, I was back to work - us crafters are out in force - what I observed - people were buying decorative baskets, one woman was buying a huge ceramic teacup (I imagined it heaped full of craft products - hmmmm, Santa did you read that?), some had picture frames, some had baskets heaped full of different things.

While I was there, I got this grand idea to find my nephew, Brandon, a mailbox. He's five and LOVES to get mail - what he doesn't know is his Aunt Joan and Grandma are the senders of his goodies. My mom got him a wood mailbox, but it's not holding up well with the wet weather. I found a really cute small metal mailbox on a stand. It was perfect and 50% off. Now, I'll add his name on it.

This takes care of my shopping, except for the mad dash to the grocery store late tonight - do you get that I'm not thrilled with going out in crowds? Before grocery shopping, I'm going to finish up my bro's gift and add some minor things to a couple other gifts, I'll photograph them for you and put them on my blog.

Until tonight...have a wonderful afternoon.


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